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13 June 2009 @ 08:46 pm
hello. :)  
Hello, lurker here!  Hope to get some feedback!

dedicated to my boy<33

Some say poetry can move mountains apart

but for me poetry just pulls at my heart.

Let it be lyrics or a line for beloved.

The rhymes and the shape give that feeling of being.

For when I sit down to write you a song

sometimes I have nothing.

And sometimes I'm in awe.


In awe of how many tangents of my love

have opened from my mind and spilled

either onto the paper or into my typing fingers.

The well of thoughts up in my mind

always wish of leaving you a line.

Some have rhymes and some are mixed.


Sometimes poetry can make a person cry.

But never have I cried over a poem like I have over my own.

Because poetry is a way to read the soul

and in my soul I need you the most.

I am so adoring, it makes me sob.

and you're so wonderful it makes me laugh.


So I guess when I read my own work

It makes me crazier;

crazier for what you say?

Well, words can intoxicate me

and thinking of you can make me drunk

and since I'm crying and I'm laughing

I'm asylum worthy.


Poetry can sometimes make a blind person see.

Like how my own poetry made me see love

See love in the unexpected places.

And now without

I would be nothing.

And nothing would be I.


But I am not nothing

let me tell you why:

for there is a person who I hold dear

and yes, perhaps we have shared more than one tear.

But in his hands he holds my fears

I know he'll never bring them near.


And that is why he resides here.

thank you for reading!  I really don't think it's good, and it was written some time ago, I just wanted to get something out there.<33


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liz9281liz9281 on July 27th, 2009 06:10 am (UTC)
I like the way the words flow, and how they feel together. Very nice