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03 November 2009 @ 08:44 am
my sestina.  
I wrote this as apart of my honors English credit.  It's a sestina (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SestinaI really like this for my first time trying something like this; my English teacher loved it.
(this was also posted in my journal)

my summertime always has spirit

i try to give it life

my days spent in the heat

my hair scared of the humidity

building and building our friendship;

we bask in summer's freedom.


the crazy things we do with this freedom

it gives us our girlish spirit

working hard on our friendship

--and actually having a life

sweating from the humidity

living in the heat.


we praise the sun that shine's its heat

thankful we have freedom.

spraying ourselves down in anticipation of humidity

skipping around with high spirits

breathing in scents of the surrounding life

making memories of friendship


obeying the golden rules of friendship

our summer spent together in this heat

like together, we have one life

putting to no good use, our freedom

having a child-life spirit

in the stickiest of humidity


dewy is our skin in humidity

together, our hands clasped in friendship

playing is our happy spirit

our excitement no less because of heat

we've fallen in love with the freedom

we've fallen in love with a beautiful life


we never wish to give up this life

our worries never centered around the humidity

just the seemingly everlasting freedom

our strong friendship

and our long days spend in the heat

i think in these days lives our spirit


in our Life past summer, let us keep Friendship.

when the Humidity falters, let us still think of Heat.

and when our Freedom diminishes, let us remember Spirit.

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